It’s Hard Out There for an Emp. Gotta Have a Plan B to Pay Your Rent

This summer is without a doubt, one of the most brutal financial attacks many have had to endure in years. So many in America, (as well as globally) are struggling trying to make ends meet.   It’s affecting employers, employees, and those looking for employment.  Recently reported that our current recession has “killed off 7.9 million jobs.”  They predict that most of those jobs will never return.

In these uncertain financial times, one really needs a Plan B even if it’s just part time.  Perhaps a supplemental income to help pay for a needed vacation, new car, home repairs, medical bills, retirement, etc.

Humans are living longer lives and retiring at older ages. In addition, 150,000 people each month are reaching the national working-age.   It’s estimated that it would take generating 10.6 million jobs today to equal the percentage of people working just 3 years ago.

There is however a a bright spot for MLM (multi-level marketing) companies during this recession.  Many home base network marketing companies our experiencing both profits in sales, as well as record breaking new recruits.  Entrepreneurs are looking to create their own success story with the help of a Plan B.

Now though it may sound like the dream situation, Network Marketing isn’t for everyone.  Though anyone can try, it’s takes a certain type of personality to achieve financial success without being told each day what to do.   That’s now meant to insult; it’s just that some people prefer the familiar comfort of having a job.   The problem there is that it may just be a false sense of security.   If a  company starts laying off employees, how long would that feeling of security last?   Unless you’re at the top of your company’s  food chain,  it may be a detrimental mistake putting all your eggs in one basket.

I would recommend to those considering a MLM company, to endorse a service or product that you would purchase even if you weren’t a consultant for the company.  Fortunately there are opportunities in just about every genre:  nutrition, cosmetic, gold, silver, coffee, groceries, travel, law, music, fitness, even hemp.  Interesting side note:  several years ago, Woody Harrelson gave me a sweater made of hemp.  It was extremely comfortable, and the first time I had ever worn a hemp product.  What does that have to do with this topic?  Nada, just name dropping.   Seriously, just emphasizing that there’s an opportunity out there for everyone.    If this is something that you want to investigate, you’re sure to find one that piques your curiosity.

Another thing to consider when joining a MLM, and for some, the most important:  working with people that you enjoy being with.  When you have an upline and/or downline made up of fun, intelligent, loving, supportive, positive, and ambitious friends, your chances of success are greatly increased.  It really does take a village to generate a successful  six figure network marketing career.   These relationships that are built and nurtured over time will become some of your most cherished as you and your team build your successful businesses.
Be aware that there are always going to be new companies launching daily around the world.   I would suggest that you stay clear of a company that has no proven successful track record, unless you’re a serious hardcore gambler; or you have already built up a team or enough fans that will follow you wherever you go.
It’s hard out there for a pimp, temp, wimp and emp.   (pop culture reference)
Thankfully there are even more options out there than you may have ever realized.

That’s my two cents.  Whether you’re looking for a Plan A, B or C, I wish you phenomenal success.

Mark Edward SmithIts Hard Out There for an Emp.  Gotta Have a Plan B to Pay Your Rent

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  • Its Hard Out There for an Emp.  Gotta Have a Plan B to Pay Your Rent
  • Its Hard Out There for an Emp.  Gotta Have a Plan B to Pay Your Rent
Its Hard Out There for an Emp.  Gotta Have a Plan B to Pay Your Rent

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  2. Phil Stone says:

    I agree that a plan ‘B’ is critical. One problem is that many people wait too long to start looking. Nothing works well for the desperate person. I put up a post called Network Marketing Reality that goes into what is necessary and is a good ‘next article’. Hope you agree.

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